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Renewable Energy – Solar PV

Published 27 April

The National Grid last week announced that Britain had gone its first full working day without coal powered electricity since 1882. In this blog we take a look at renewable energy sources, and how MKB Law can help.

Friday 21st April, the day that electricity was generated without using carbon-emitting fossil fuels. This ‘coal-free’ day was achieved though a variety of methods; gas made up around 50%, nuclear power around 25% and the remaining from wind, solar and biomass.

Although noted as a watershed moment, representatives from the Climate & Energy team at WWF commented that: “Getting rid of coal from our energy mix is exciting and hugely important – but it’s not enough to achieve our international commitments to tackle climate change.”

The Government does plans to phase out the last coal plants by 2025 in order to reduce carbon emissions and meet environmental targets, but what other energy sources can be used instead?

MKB Law’s Property & Commercial Team works with one of the leading renewable energy developers in the UK and Ireland, Elgin Energy.

Elgin Energy specialises in Solar PV technology – and currently generates 250 MW of solar energy across 24 projects within the UK and Ireland. This translates into around 75,000 household being powered by renewable energy.

Solar PV refers to the process of Photovoltaics, the conversion of sunlight into electricity using semi-conduction materials, in this case, solar cells. Solar PV is now becoming an increasingly popular energy source not only in the UK, but globally.

Elgin specialise in solar farm projects, using mass rural areas to create largescale solar farms, which can be constructed within 3 to 4 months. The farms also strive to reduce inconvenience; landowners can still achieve a long term income from the land, and livestock can continue to graze between the solar panels.

The first solar farm in Northern Ireland recently opened on Bann Road in Rasharkin – a joint project between Elgin and German developers, BayWa Renewable Energy. The project spans 194 acres and has the capability to generate 46MW of power, around 14,000 homes.

A number of new farms for Northern Ireland are currently in the planning stages, including Kells in Co.Antrim. More information on this project can be found here.

MKB Law are delighted to work with Elgin Energy in developing and expanding their Solar PV projects throughout Northern Ireland.

If you are involved in a renewable energy scheme or company, and require legal assistance, contact MKB Law today to find out how we can help: 028 9024 2450 or


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