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The Changing Attitude Towards Personal Injury Claims

Published 1 Aug 2014

Personal injury claims are claims made by individuals in relation to a physical injury, disease, illness or a psychological injury or illness. A recent poll in the UK found that only 25% of personal injury victims made claims in the last year.

So why are people holding back?

Over a third of those who had not made claims felt their injury was not bad enough to warrant compensation with 22% of respondents saying they do not believe in compensation. It seems we have come full circle in our attitude to personal injury claims recently. Pride and a lack of sympathy, as well as lack of legislation, would have led many to forgo claims in the past in Northern Ireland. A change in attitudes over the last 30 years has seen these types of claims become commonplace with people getting compensation for injuries or aliments suffered and not being ashamed to do so.

In recent times however we have seen many people go too far and make over the top claims over the smallest incident in order to get a payout. In the USA a man reportedly sued Budweiser for $10,000 for emotional stress and psychological damages after an advertising campaign which suggested drinking their beer would attract beautiful women did not come to fruition for him.

This may be a factor that has led to people keeping tight lipped and feeling that a claim would either be a waste of time or be seen as an overreaction. People don’t want to look like they are out for an easy buck or trying to take advantage.

This should not however get in the way of genuine personal injury claims and anyone who has suffered an injury of this nature should not be made to feel like a con artist.

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