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Driving Home At Christmas

We know you are probably sick of hearing the statistics around road traffic accidents but at this time of year it is even more important that awareness is raised around safety on our roads. Last week we revealed that around 40 people are killed and 500 seriously injured on GB roads over the Christmas period but the latest statistics for Northern Ireland are even more harrowing with a shocking 3,600 road traffic accidents in the last year resulting in 71 road deaths.

It is no secret that there is a problem in this country when it comes to road safety but it seems that the problem is getting worse rather than getting better. In this weeks blog we will detail the most dangerous roads in Belfast statistically while also discussing the main causes of accidents and ways in which you can take precaution while driving this year.

Northern Ireland’s most dangerous roads

The top five accident black spots in Northern Ireland are all in and around Belfast with the Ormeau Road being revealed as the road in which most accidents occurred. This may be surprising for some but when you consider the congestion and volume of traffic on this road  it becomes a bit more believable. The full list is outlined below:

1. Ormeau Road, South Belfast

2. Upper Newtownards Road, East Belfast

3. Hillsborough Road, Lisburn

4. Falls Road, West Belfast

5. Antrim Road, North Belfast

Factors contributing to accidents

There are a host of factors that contribute to accidents on our roads but at Christmas there are some particular considerations to be considered that we will now discuss.

      • Weather – Although we have been quite lucky with the weather so far we are set for a cold one this year and with bad weather comes difficult driving conditions. In the ice and snow stick to primary roads where possible as these are the first to be cleared, leave extra breaking distance and of course slow down.
      • Speed – We are always in a hurry at Christmas but the one place in which we need to slow down is on the road. Allow for extra journey time to account for increased traffic, darker evenings and poor weather.
      • Drink Driving – People sometimes get caught up in the Christmas spirit and are tempted to have that one extra drink before driving. It goes without saying that you should never drink and drive but it remains a problem in this country.

Road Traffic Accident Claims

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in a road traffic accident this Christmas we would offer the following advice:

1. Get Details:

Take not of the other drivers name, registration number, phone number and insurance details.

2. Seek Medical Advice:

If you have been injured you should seek medical advice as soon as possible by calling an ambulance, going to hospital or seeing your own doctor depending on the severity of the injury.

3. Speak to your solicitor:

Speak to a litigation solicitor to see if you are in a position to claim for compensation. If you are worried about the cost of making a road traffic accident claim please be aware that their are financing options available.

After The Event (ATE) Insurance: MKB Law are one of very few solicitors that have access to after the event insurance in Northern Ireland. Most after the event insurance policies will cover against the cost of court proceedings apart from your own solicitors fees.

If you would like arrange a consultation with a member of our claims and compensation team contact MKB Law today:

Call: 028 9024 2450


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