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Photographing MKB Law

By Kym Horner – Marketing Executive. Published 4 April 2018

As part of the MKB Law Marketing Strategy for 2018, new staff head shots were planned to tie in with our redesigned website and to capture our expanding team!

As a keen amateur photographer, I would take the shots (having also previously taken the staff head shots in March 2016). In response to feedback from our team, and in keeping with current trends, we agreed to have the finished shots in black and white.

The shots were taken over 2 days in February 2018. The MKB Law boardroom served as a ‘pop-up’ photography studio, featuring a white backdrop and portable ‘umbrella’ lighting (in addition to the camera’s external flashgun). The below image gives an impression of our setup:

I opted for ‘high-key’ style shots; an image with a bright light and background, and only small a amount of shadow present. The shots were then taken freehand and from an elevated level. The images were shot in colour and then processed to black and white in Adobe Photoshop.

I believe that the finished result accurately captures our dynamic team, our brand and business ethos – personable and professional. Thank you to all the team for their cooperation!

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