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Planning Permission: 3 factors you may not have considered!

We know, planning permission is a headache. We have all seen the signs posted outside houses or standing lonely in an open field but only the lucky few, such as the property lawyers in MKB Law’s property law team, get the opportunity to delve through the fine print and really get a true understanding of one of the most complex areas of law affecting funders, developers and property owners – Planning Permission.

This week we have decided to look at some of the factors many people overlook when applying for planning permission.

What is planning permission?

Planning permission is consent from a local authority for the construction of building work or amendment to existing buildings. The role of planning permission is to control inappropriate developments.

External factors that can effect planning permission:

    • Tree & Tree Preservation – Flora & fauna issues can have an impact on the granting of planning permissions and often come up as an unforeseen objection. Trees that are within a conservation area are protected under the tree preservation order.
    • Blight Notice – You must consider the people around you when making planning applications. A blight notice refers to a situation where your planning application has a negative effect on the value of a neighboring property.
    • Public Rights – Public Rights can also effect planning permission and we have seen many instances where they have, in particular by way of the Access to the Countryside (NI) Order1983.

As with any problem there is invariably a solution and the job of our property solicitors is to look for ways around these provisions and advise you on the options that are open to you. Prevention however is better than cure and by speaking to your solicitor from the outset you can ensure your application is compliant. To speak to a member of our property law team contact MKB Law below.

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