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19 February 2021 
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The immediate aftermath of a road traffic accident can be traumatic and stressful. With years of experience handling claims in this area, our team understands the complexities involved, and have complied some helpful information that you should be aware of if you have been involved in a recent road traffic accident.

What you should do

The first step you should always take is to stop your vehicle and remain at the scene. If anyone is injured, you should call for an ambulance and police immediately. If no one is injured, then you should report the incident to the police non-emergency line on 101.

Once it is safe to do so, you should exchange as much information as possible with the other driver including names, addresses, contact numbers, vehicle registration and insurance details.

Taking photographs of the position of both vehicles before moving them is useful however, you should not attempt this if it is unsafe to do so.

You should always take photographs of the damage caused to your own vehicle and if possible, take photographs of any relevant road signs or markings.

Who is at fault? – This is the key question and it is normally easy to identify who is at fault for the accident. Often the driver who is to blame will simply confirm this at the scene, however, this is not always the case so you should be mindful of this.

Witnesses can be extremely helpful in cases where liability may be disputed. Always take details of witnesses at the scene (names, addresses, contact numbers). Contacting witnesses shortly after the incident is a useful way of establishing whether they will assist with evidence if later required.

Always report the accident to your insurer as it may affect your cover if you do not.

How can we help

If the accident was not your fault, then you may be entitled to claim compensation. At MKB Law, our Claims and Disputes team has vast experience in ensuring you get the maximum level of compensation in a timely manner. Please contact Mollie Thompson to discuss further.

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