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Legal Services for Employees

At MKB Law our Employment solicitors provide specialist advice and support to employees in relation to a broad variety of issues at that may arise in work. This typically includes breaches of contract, discrimination (due to sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation), grievance and disciplinary procedures, unlawful deduction of wages and unfair dismissal.

We appreciate that seeking legal advice in relation to your employer can be a sensitive matter and we will ensure that full discretion and professionalism is maintained at all times. If you are beginning a new employment we can offer assistance with your employment contract and any restrictive covenants that may apply (ie: clauses which may prohibits an employee from competing with an ex-employer for a certain period). During and after your employment we can assist with a range of matters, typically:

Advising on the grievance procedure for issues involving discrimination, harassment or victimisation

Advice for employees who are facing disciplinary action

Negotiating settlement agreements, compromise agreements and exit plans

Drafting, lodging and representing claims to the Employment Tribunal

Negotiating and drafting settlement terms for claims before a Tribunal

Advising employees about their rights and employment status ie: being told they are ‘self employed

We can also advise on status and rights dependant on your individual circumstances, and ensure that you are prepared for any unexpected issues that may arise.

Unfair Dismissal

If an employer has terminated a contract of employment without what a Tribunal would find to be a fair reason and/or without following the appropriate procedures, there may be a claim for unfair dismissal.

Even if the employer can show that the dismissal was for a legally fair reason, a Tribunal will still have to decide if it was fair to do so in the circumstances. We can advise you on the nature of your dismissal, whether you have a claim and what you may expect regarding compensation if your claim is successful.

In most circumstances you will need to be employed for at least one year to claim unfair dismissal.

Discrimination Law

Claims for discrimination in the workplace can arise when employees, who are considered to have a ‘protected characteristic’ suffer less favourable treatment in the workplace. Direct discrimination is an employee is treated less favourably based on their protected characteristic. Indirect discrimination may occur when an employer puts in place a policy, practice or criteria that applies equally to all workers but has the consequence of putting certain individuals, who hold a protected characteristic, at a disadvantage.

There are also specific obligations in relation to disabled workers, in relation to providing the worker with reasonable adjustments. A failure to provide reasonable adjustments can also be held to be discriminatory.

If you believe you have suffered discrimination at work, our Employment Law team can discuss this in detail with you.

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