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MKB Law’s Family Law and Matrimonial Department has extensive experience in acting for parents in difficult residence and contact disputes. Issues relating to children require sensitive handling. If agreement cannot be reached as to where a child will live and what contact the other parent will have, we ensure that all avenues are pursued to reach an amicable, negotiated agreement. This will avoid potentially protracted and expensive Court Proceedings.

If an accommodation cannot be reached an Application may be made to the Family Proceedings Court for one or more of the following:-

A Residence Order seeking to familarise who the child will live with.

A Contact Order defining the duration and frequency of contact for the non-residential parent.

A Specific Issue Order when and where the child can be taken on holiday or what surname the child should be known as are two examples.

These Applications involve a number of Hearings before the District Judge and a Lay Panel.

We at MKB Law understand when it is necessary in these Proceedings to involve another Professional trained in Child Care for example Social Workers or Court Children’s Officers. We question whether the child’s wishes and feelings should be taken into account and the child needs to be interviewed we will do so in a sensitive, child focused manner.

We will advise on all aspects of these Applications including the factors the Court must be taken into account in deciding duration and frequency of contact with the absent parent. We also advise as to whether or not a shared care arrangement will work and if it is in the best interests of the children to consider this option.


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