Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is an alternative method for dispute resolution without Court intervention. It is essentially Mediation with Solicitors and the husband and wife agreeing not to go to Court and to negotiate a settlement on the following issues:-

Decisions about separation and Divorce

Financial support

Housing and property arrangements

Arrangements for the children

The aim is to build a settlement on areas of agreement not to perpetuate disagreement.

MKB Law can advise, negotiate and assist in this model of problem solving and will, where appropriate, engage other suitably qualified Professionals such as an Independent Financial Advisor or an Accountant.

Solicitors and parties sign an agreement which allows for the focus to be on resolution and specifically states that the Collaborative Lawyer will not participate in litigation if the process ends without an agreement being reached.

This is a non adversarial, positive approach for Divorce. It is a respectful dignified approach which avoids unnecessary and, contentious Court Proceedings. Collaborative Law helps families make a smoother transition to the next stage in their lives.

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