Children’s Special Educational Needs

At MKB Law we offer advice, assistance and where necessary advocacy through the Courts to ensure that the children with special educational needs receive the appropriate education provision to meet those needs. We work closely with SENAC (Special Educational Needs Charity) to promote access to a System of Education and to provide information and Guidelines on the Assessment and Statementing Processes.

We have pursued strategic Case Law to assist children who are on the autistic spectrum ranging from autism, ADHD to Aspergers Syndrome. Children with these special needs present with a range of complex difficulties which can include:

Difficulties maintaining attention

Difficulties in large group activities

Language difficulties/speech delay

Reactionary behaviour

Need for one to one assistance to remain on task

Sensory issues

Behavioural difficulties of varying intensities

Speech and language difficulties

It is important that where a child has been diagnosed with a condition on the autism spectrum, they receive a comprehensive Educational Psychology Assessment at an early stage. This will help dictate the Special Educational Needs Statement from the Education and Library Board and assist in identifying the appropriate school setting for the particular child.

At MKB Law we recognise the need for early intervention. The Educational Psychology Assessment is key because it will dictate the Education and Library Board response to a request for a Statement. We advise as to how an Independent Educational Psychologist Assessment can be obtained through public funding. This Report can then be used to compel the Board to either conduct a Review or place a child immediately. Strategic Case Law forms a large part of our work and in this regard we work closely with SENAC, Autism NI and the Children’s Law Centre.

We are committed to providing the best practical advice to allow parents to navigate the even complex areas of statutory provision and the Education (Northern Ireland) Order 1996. We also offer advice and assistance to the parents of a child who has dyslexia or indeed a learning difficulty, as to how they can access all the necessary supports and inputs under the Education Legislation to allow their child the best possible opportunity within the system. This also includes where appropriate and necessary Court intervention.

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