Debt Restructuring

MKB Law’s debt restructuring and business recovery department works with organisations and individuals who are financially distressed or who have a specific banking issue, getting involved in the early stages in difficult bank negotiations with the aim of improving returns, and in many cases, assisting to avoid the insolvency process altogether. Many of these arise in situations where there is a solid core business but it is associated with distressed property assets.

We have successfully negotiated with:


Ulster Bank – GRG

First Trust Bank – AIB

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Scotland/Lloyds Banking Group

Debt Restructuring Case Study 1:

Our client was a key provider of business to business services in Northern Ireland, banked by Ulster Bank. Associated companies had property related debts with Ulster Bank that could never be repaid. The entire connection was moved into GRG.

MKB Law was able to negotiate that the main business relationship was refinanced by another financial institution moving it entirely away from RBS Group. This left the client free to deal with the property issues in isolation.

Terms have since been reached to achieve a work out strategy around the property assets to the satisfaction of both GRG and the promoters of the companies.

Debt Restructuring Case Study 2:

Our client was a property developer. There was a series of relationships with a bank which consisted of both good and bad assets (which exceeded the good). The Bank had personal recourse to individuals for the bad assets.

We negotiated a restructure in which all of the assets were transferred into a group of companies. The personal recourse fell away.

Debt Restructuring Case Study 3:

Our client had expanded its business during the boom. When the collapse came its Bank no longer wanted to support that business sector.

A new Bank was prepared to providing funding but at a significantly lower level than the existing Bank. We were able to negotiate that the existing Bank would accept the amount offered by the new Bank and sell the balance of the debt to a director of the Borrower for £1.00.

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