Personal Insolvency

It is a fact of modern life that many people are facing debt problems and difficulties. Northern Ireland has seen particular difficulties as the result of the collapse in property values. Before the credit crunch debt was all too freely available and many people are now facing up to what look like impossible situations.

We see two different types of problems:

  • Some people are unable to meet the monthly credit payments. Your payments may be in arrears or creditors may be threatening court action. Difficulties in repaying debt can arise from a number of different reasons. Income may be reduced because of redundancy, bereavement or a career change. It may simply be that you have taken on too much credit.
  • Other people are managing on a day-to-day basis but have loans secured against property that can never be repaid. It looks as if it will be impossible to earn enough to repay these mountains of debt and, one of these days, the lender is going to demand repayment.

Whatever the reason, the pressure of being in debt can be stifling. It can sometimes make you feel that you do not have control – and help is needed.

The personal insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors at MKB Law can help you. We offer impartial and confidential advice to enable you to manage and address your debts. We will listen to your problems and offer you a solution that will allow you to get your finances back under control.

Our personal insolvency and bankruptcy solicitors can advise you on:

  • Bankruptcy and Debt Advice
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA)
  • Bank debt negotiation
  • House Repossession
  • Informal arrangements
  • Challenging Disputed Debt


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