Buying Your Home

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned buyer, there are a number of legal elements which must be addressed and managed by a specialist conveyancing Solicitor when purchasing a residential property.

The initial stages of house-buying focus mainly on finding the property that meets all of your requirements. Unless you are a cash purchaser, you must also find a mortgage plan that is right for you and your circumstances. When you have made an offer on a property, and it has been accepted, you then need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor.

When purchasing, the documentation is supplied to your Solicitor by the Solicitor acting on behalf of the Vendor (Seller). This includes the title deeds for the property, property certificates and searches, Replies to Pre-Contract Enquiries, Fixtures & Fittings list and an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

Your Solicitor will carry out due diligence on the basis of the documentation provided. If any issues arise from this process, your Solicitor will discuss this with you and guide you through the process of what to do next.

Once your mortgage offer is in place, you are happy with your survey, and all matters are in order, you will attend with your Solicitor to sign the Contract. Your contractual offer is then released to the Solicitor acting for the Vendor for consideration and, hopefully, acceptance.  All parties then work towards the contractual completion date which is the agreed date when the property officially transfers to you as the new owner and you collect your keys.

Funds must also be transferred to your Solicitor’s account in time for the completion. On the day of completion funds need to be transferred and undertakings agreed between the parties’ Solicitors. Again, if you are in a chain, this will involve funds moving up the chain in order for everyone to be in a position to complete.

Once completion is confirmed, you can officially collect the house keys from the estate agent and begin the process of moving. Your Solicitor will file your return to HMRC and pay the Stamp Duty, if any before dealing with registration formalities on your behalf.

MKB Law provides a quality, personal service to assist you with your house purchase. Our reputable and experienced Conveyancing team will ensure all legal documentation, contracts and checks are completed correctly and promptly.

Our team will provide sound legal advice and assistance throughout, and ensure that you are kept informed during each stage of the process.

The table below details our fee structure. Fees are calculated based on the value of your property. Additional costs for disbursements, such as property certificates and searches, will apply and will be outlined by your Solicitor. The below fee is inclusive of VAT.

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