Selling Your Home

If you are selling  a property (and possibly simultaneously) purchasing another, you need a reputable and experienced conveyancing Solicitor to deal with the legal aspects and guide you through the process.

The process of selling your home can be time consuming, and sometimes rather complicated, particularly if you are in a chain where the process will involve not only the sale of your house, but all dealings with the buyer of your house (and their chain of sale), and of course the purchase of your new property if you are buying simultaneously.

The legal process involved in selling a house is similar to that involved in buying a home. When you have agreed a sale, you must instruct a Solicitor. The Solicitor will need to obtain your title deeds  and will then begin the process of preparing the draft Contract and requisitioning the relevant property certificates and searches. They will also take your instructions in relation to Replies to Pre-Contract Enquiries and a Fixtures & Fittings List.

Once the purchaser of your property has signed and released a contractual offer, your Solicitor will meet with you to discuss this and highlight any areas of concern. If an issue is raised during this time, your Solicitor will discuss this with you and help  you decide on the appropriate course of action.

It is not uncommon for deals to fall through during this stage, as issues can arise with the chain, if there is one.  If everything is in order, and all parties are in a position to continue with the transaction, then contracts can be signed and exchanged, but this needs to happen with each separate link in the chain.

MKB Law provides a quality, personal service to assist you with your house sale. Our reputable and experienced Conveyancing team will ensure all legal documentation, contracts and checks are completed correctly and promptly.

Our team will provide sound legal advice and assistance throughout, and ensure that you are kept informed during each stage of the process.

The table below details our fee structure. Fees are calculated based on the value of your property. Additional costs for disbursements, such as property certificates and searches, will apply and will be outlined by your Solicitor.

Sale/Purchase PriceLegal Fee
Up to £80,000£595
Up to £100,000£625
Up to £125,000£650
Up to £150,000£710
Up to £175,000£750
Up to £200,000£795
Up to £250,000£865
Up to £300,000£945
Up to £350,000£995
Up to £500,000£1,495
Up to £1 million£1,995

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