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Suzanne Keenan – back at it!

Published 6 April 2020. By Suzanne Keenan

I commenced maternity leave last July. My Husband and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Fiachra, on 17th August 2019. Our world was turned upside down in a very wonderful way. The time off with Fiachra has been fantastic and I was also able to keep in touch with the office regularly.  

Fiachra is now 7 months old and, as you can imagine is the life and soul of our home. He particularly enjoys trying to flood the bathroom during every bath, sharing his food with the dog and bashing his toys off… well other things that make a bashing noise.

Whilst I have enjoyed maternity leave I have missed my work, my clients, my colleagues and the sense of identity that comes with my job so I have been looking forward to my return. The current situation was not something I expected to have to factor into a return to work. I thought my main concerns were baby crèche facilities and more protracted morning routines. 

Thankfully at MKB Law we had invested considerable time and expense over the last number of years in updating our working systems including new case management software, paperless files, a home working policy, and Skype meetings and consulting. We have always prided ourselves in being a progressive firm, staying at the cutting edge of technology in the legal sector. As a result this has vastly assisted our ability to cope very well with the current crisis. We know how important our services are to our clients and I am so glad that the situation has not hindered our ability to deliver excellent and efficient service albeit in a different way.

My return to work today may not be what I pictured but it is still great to be back at it! On the bright side, we have been fortunate in that my Husband is able to care for Fiachra at home while I work in our home office and I can pop downstairs on my lunch break to see what new bashing noises Fiachra has discovered today! 

I appreciate this is a strange and difficult time for all of our clients, if our Employment team can assist you in any way please do not hesitate to get in touch.

To contact Suzanne, please find email: or call: 028 9099 3112

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