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Technology in Law

We recently shared an article from The Law Gazelle entitled “Technology can drive law firms competitiveness”¹ which highlighted the fact that legal firms can be resistant to adopting new technologies, but that it is important to do so when claiming to be, as they put it ‘a centre of legal excellence”.

In an industry such as law the traditional methods of communication are still the preference for both client and solicitor alike. Face to face meetings and hard copied documents are still the norm but as we move into the modern world we see the integration of technologies in the sector more and more. Advancements in the area of communications see conference calls and Skype meetings taking place every day and the digital signature has become a more credible option, despite some lingering trust concerns.

Additionally the evolution of online legal services has meant that the traditionally structured ‘face to face’ legal practices must keep pace with a new breed of technologically proficient competitors. It is here we should note that having a pure technological advantage is not a panacea for the provision of legal services, online services can be a risky and cold proposition coming with inherent problems around privacy and security protocols.

This week sees the launch of MKB Law’s new payment portal allowing clients to pay electronically through our website for the first time. The aim of this new service is to offer a quick, convenient and most importantly safe way to settle your bill. When making payments online safety is always a priority and we have ensured that all sensitive payment card information is encrypted using sophisticated e-payment software and is sent to the bank for instant authorisation via the Authipay network of payment gateways.

We see this new portal as one of many steps we plan to take in the future to further the customer experience and improve our overall service as we grow along with technology.


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  1. Izzy
    Izzy says:

    Really good article. I agree that in law traditional methods are still preference, but I also agree that they are also moving forward. I had a look at the payment portal, it looks really good, great job.


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