Will Aid – Like Live Aid…but for Wills

Will Aid Pen Logo New_rgb_0This coming November MKB Law will once again be participating in Will Aid and before your imaginations get carried away this does not involve our Wills and Estate Planning team playing a charity concert under the guidance of Bob Geldof. Instead Will Aid gives people the chance to have their Will written professionally in exchange for a donation to charity.

Will Aid History

Will Aid has been in operation since 1988 and recruits solicitors from around the UK to wave their fee for the writing of Wills during the month of November, ‘Make a Will Month’. In exchange for this free service participants are invited to donate an amount of £95 for single Wills and £150 for a pair, or ‘mirror’ Will, to one of the 9 chosen charities.

Will Aid has raised £15.6m since its launch with over 275,000 Wills being written through the scheme and we are delighted to be involved in the project again this year.

The idea behind Will Aid and Make a Will Month is to give people a unique opportunity to make a Will, raise awareness around the importance of Wills and raise money for some very good causes.

Wills in the UK: Facts and Figures

In a recent report by the Law Society it was revealed that £8m went to the British government last year from people who had died intestate. It was also estimated that £6bn will go to the government by 2018 from inheritance tax.

Figures like these evidence the need to raise awareness around the importance of making a Wills. Incentives like Make a Will Month make it possible for people who have not made a Will, 36% of Britons over the age of 55,  to do so.

There are additional benefits to making a Will. One major benefit is that it makes the management of your estate easier for your loved ones who may otherwise have to go through a difficult process in order to organise your affairs.

Unfortunately a Will is not a one stop activity and we would recommend that you review your Will every 3-5 years in order to ensure it is up to date with regulatory changes or whenever your circumstances change to avoid confusion.

The 9 charities involved in Will Aid are:

    • Action Aid
    • Age UK
    • British Red Cross
    • Christian Aid
    • NSPCC
    • Save the Children
    • SCIAF
    • Sightsavers
    • Trocaire

For more information on Will Aid or to set up an appointment contact our Wills and Estate Planning team.

Call: 028 9024 2450

Email: info@mkblaw.co.uk

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