Brexit: Fishing Industry in Northern Ireland

The Fisheries Act 2020 is the new 'fishing code' for the industry after decades of being subject to EU rules.
24th November 2020/by MKB Law

Child Poverty in Northern Ireland

An alarming number of children and young people today are living in poverty in Northern Ireland. 
19th November 2020/by MKB Law

Insolvency: Retention of Title Clauses

Suppliers should ensure that any ROT clauses in contracts with customers are well-drafted and effective.
16th November 2020/by MKB Law

Oral Collateral Contract & Deeds

A deed which transferred ownership of shares in a company was subject to an oral collateral contract decides High Court.
12th November 2020/by MKB Law

Domestic Abuse: Coercive Control

New laws will soon ensure that coercive and controlling behaviour is recognised as a form of domestic abuse.
10th November 2020/by MKB Law

Coronavirus: Rise of the Zombie Tenant

Government protection and support for commercial tenants may swell the ranks to bursting point.
4th November 2020/by MKB Law

Coronavirus Blog Series: Stamp Duty Relief – Delays & Deadline

29th October 2020/by MKB Law

Redundancy Procedure – Important Considerations for Businesses

28th October 2020/by MKB Law

Manufacturing in Northern Ireland

Corporate solicitor Jose Lazaro discusses how Brexit may affect the manufacturing of goods in Northern Ireland.
27th October 2020/by MKB Law

MKB Law Donates Fifty Electronic Tablets to Local Health Trust

16th October 2020/by MKB Law

Coronavirus Blog Series: Family Disputes – Alternatives to Litigation

12th October 2020/by MKB Law

Coronavirus Blog series: Can I still recover debts in Northern Ireland?

9th October 2020/by MKB Law
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