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At MKB Law our Disputes and Litigation team provides specialist advice and assistance to commercial and individual clients throughout Belfast and Northern Ireland. We place emphasis on transparent, prompt and efficient dispute resolution. Whether it is a commercial dispute or professional negligence claim, will strive to achieve a resolution in line your objectives and expectations.

Our team are are also experts in mediation. It is our experience that mediation works more often than not and is typically the preferred alternative to a court case. Please contact our team today to find our how we can assist you.

Commercial Disputes & Litigation

Most clients will agree, particularly in the current climate, that it is not in their interests to become embroiled in expensive and protracted commercial disputes and court proceedings. Businesses and business relationships can be ruined in that way.

Our Commercial Litigation team will assist you in your specific matter, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best: developing and promoting your businesses. We can help with issues including:

Contract terms
Construction, land or property disputes
Shareholder disputes
Partnership disputes
Intellectual Property infringement
Defective goods/products
Banking, debt or insolvency disputes

Early dialogue is encouraged, as are alternative means of finding solutions in which the client at all times retains control of cost and outcomes.

Where circumstance dictate, however, litigation at MKB Law is zealously pursued using our extensive experience and knowledge of the systems and procedures of the Commercial, Chancery, Queen’s Bench and County Courts. You can find out more about this service on our Commercial Disputes page.

Judicial Review

Judicial Review is an ever-burgeoning specialism with which we at MKB Law are particularly well-equipped to deal with. There is an ever increasing tendency for aggrieved individuals to ask the Courts to intervene in the decision making processes of public bodies. Judicial Review will assess the lawfulness of a decision, rather than the merits of the outcome.

The Disputes and Litigation team at MKB Law can assist with areas such as:
The holding of public office
Family matters such as special educational provisions for children

Our lawyers can advise and guide you through the processes of the pre-action protocol, the leave application and the substantive hearing itself, availing of specialist Counsel to assist in the preparation and presentation of a case to the High Court.

Professional Negligence

There are regrettably instances where the standard of professional service provided by advisers to their client falls short. This can occur, for example, where a professional presents themselves as having more experience or skills than they actually possess or where they have been incompetent in the work they have carried out for you or your business.

Professional negligence cases take many forms and can be applied to any service in which you have been offered expert advice. The most common areas in which we see claims are:

Quantity surveying
Solicitor services
Financial advice
Insurance brokers

Whether you are an individual or a commercial client, and are unhappy with the service or advice given to you by a professional, our Disputes and Litigation team will help you with any case of professional negligence. With a wealth of experience in this area of the law, we are leading professional negligence solicitors in Belfast. You can find out more about this service on our Professional Negligence page.

Employment Disputes

We understand that cultivating and managing harmonious employer and employee relations are central to the success of any business. Our Employment team are experienced in the procedural and legal requirements of the Industrial and Fair Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure, and have represented clients at Case Management Discussions, Pre-Hearing Reviews and substantive hearings.

You can find out more about this area in our dedicated Employment Disputes page.

Why instruct MKB Law?

If you or your business is involved in a commercial dispute, our lawyers will act diligently and on your behalf to achieve the optimum resolution. We provide a service to suit the requirements of business owners, directors and shareholders with commercial interests in Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Contact our team today on: 028 9024 2450 or email us: 

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Client Feedback

Our company have worked with Jonathan Jackson for a number of years and found him to be meticulous in his approach to every case. Importantly we have found Jonathan considerate and open-minded when reviewing the details of our cases. He listens attentively before giving advice.

For these reasons we would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and MKB Law.

Catherine McHugh – Car Park Services Ltd

MKB Law’s disputes team were able to clearly explain the various issues relating to our case and laid out a logical and structured approach as to the best way to address these issues. As a result of their guidance and advice, we successfully won our case.

Barry Hobson – The Lost City

MKB Law provide timely advice in a concise and meaningful way.

Alan Patterson Design

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