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Our Fees

Our aim at MKB Law is, at the outset, to provide clients with as accurate a fee assessment as each individual instruction will allow. This will entail a reasonably detailed scoping of your case by a solicitor experienced in the particular field. The objective is, where possible, to agree total fees with you at a very early stage and thereby:

provide you with peace of mind

allow you to keep control and set a budget

avoid unpleasant surprises

help prevent straining of the solicitor/client relationship

Family Law Fixed Fees

At MKB Law Solicitors we aim to be as transparent as possible with our fees. We feel that our divorce and family law cost framework is a fair reflection of the work carried out by our expert team in Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

For more details of our cost structure for divorce and child contact/residence services, please click here

Other Fixed Fees

Elsewhere in these pages you will come across specific fixed fee arrangements which we provide including family law fixed fees and with respect to the making of wills. We at MKB Law are confident that, for the vast majority of clients, we will be able to arrive at bespoke fixed fee solutions for almost every aspect of the services we offer.

The areas which are most fraught with difficulty in accurately assessing the total legal cost are claims and compensation, and dispute resolution. There are a number of reasons for this which include:

the potential liability for your opponent’s costs

the prospect of having costs awarded in your favour

the fees of barristers and expert witnesses

the approach of your opponent which makes it difficult to predict how long the matter will take, or how many Court appearances will be required before a case is disposed of

These problems have been very substantially overcome by the increase in the jurisdiction of the County Court to £30,000. Statistically it has been shown that most cases for damages/compensation are resolved below that limit. As solicitors’ and barristers’ fees in the County Court are measured on a scale, it is now much easier to more accurately advise on the potential cost of a case.

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