Focus On: Children’s Residence After Separation

5 June 2023
2 minutes
Family & Matrimonial

Are you a parent who has recently separated from the father or mother of your children?

Residence refers to where a child will live for the majority of the time. When a relationship breaks down, residence can become a disputed matter. Residency can be resolved by agreement; however, the matter may need to be referred to the court. If you wish to receive tailored advice in relation to your individual family circumstance, at MKB Law our team of experts are experienced in residency matters.

A resident parent will be responsible for making the day-to-day decisions concerning the child. However, if the other parent holds Parental Responsibility, their input will be needed for bigger decisions relating to the upbringing of the child. Residency does not need to be Court Ordered, however if there is a Residence Order in place this will define where the child lives until they reach the age of 16. It is possible that a Joint Residence Order can also be granted, which created a shared care arrangement between the parents. If circumstances change after an Order is granted, an application can be made to the court to vary any Order made.

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