MKB Law Announces Major Investment Program in Belfast Offices

Published 13 January 2020

MKB Law, one of Northern Ireland’s leading Corporate law firms, has announced a six-figure refurbishment of its Belfast offices and plans to increase staffing by 15 per cent over the next three years.

MKB Law is a progressive, full-service law firm providing legal guidance to both corporate and individual clients. The team of 40 staff is adept in all areas of law with particular focus on corporate, property, financial, debt recovery, dispute resolution, matrimonial and employment matters.

The ambitious project to transform and refurbish the company’s city centre offices reflects two extremely successful years for the business. The firm has enjoyed a 50 per cent growth in revenue in the corporate department and a 25 per cent increase in staffing over recent years. The planned works and expansion will meet the increasing demand for MKB’s expert services.

Gordon McElroy, Director at MKB Law said: “Our goal is to achieve a modern working environment which enables a collaborative approach to fulfil client needs. As our team has grown so quickly, we now need to provide appropriate space to meet their requirements. We are also looking confidently to the future as our plans include space for further growth of 15 per cent in staff levels over the next three years.”

MKB Law’s architectural plans for their 7,100 square-foot space located over two floors reflect the new ways in which the corporate world likes to conduct business. The aim is to create a more informal and welcoming space where clients can interface directly with the teams.

The concept is based on the open-plan model and designed to encourage collaborative working and more efficient teamwork, with the addition of quiet spaces and ‘breakout’ meeting areas.

“We looked at how our workload progresses and flows through our various specialist teams and decided to use design and architecture to bring them all together in our physical space. This will encourage shorter communication lines and improved integration to the benefit of all our clients,” Mr McElroy said.

“This exciting major investment into an impressively bright, fresh and contemporary office environment reflects the overall ethos and confidence of MKB Law and its commitment to the local business community.”

The major refurbishment project is set to commence in January 2020, to be completed by April 2020.

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