Judicial Review

Society is shaped and controlled by laws, governmental rules and regulations. Judicial Review plays an important democratic and constitutional role in our society and the importance of it cannot be understated. Our team understands the significance of administrative decisions and is committed to safeguarding your rights with strategic legal expertise, whether it’s challenging decisions, questioning legality, or seeking remedies.

Examples of Judicial Review cases we handle:

  • Challenging decisions made by government departments, such as the allocation of public funds, on the grounds of procedural impropriety or irrationality.
  • Reviewing decisions made by local authorities, like planning permission grants or refusals, based on claims of illegality or unfair procedures.
  • Challenging decisions by regulatory bodies alleging errors in law or procedural irregularities.
  • Seeking a review of decisions that allegedly violate human rights, involving issues like freedom of speech, right to privacy, or protection against discrimination.
  • Challenging decisions made by educational institutions, like university admissions or disciplinary actions, based on claims of unfair procedures or bias.
  • Reviewing decisions related to environmental matters, such as challenging a decision by an environmental agency on the grounds of failure to comply with environmental regulations.
  • Challenging decisions made by healthcare authorities, like disputes over access to specific medical treatments or claims of misadministration.
  • General reviews of administrative actions, such as decisions by public officials, with claims of procedural irregularities, bias, or errors in law.

Reviews and Feedback:

“A results-driven team that puts clients’ needs and appropriate outcomes before all else.”

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“It’s all about their level of commerciality and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.”

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“Commercially-astute, sensitive to a client’s aims whilst at the same time knowledgeable of the legal points in a case.”

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