Judicial Review

Judicial Review is an ever-burgeoning specialism with which we at MKB Law are particularly well-equipped to deal with. There is an ever increasing tendency for aggrieved individuals to ask the Courts to intervene in the decision making processes of public bodies. Judicial Review will assess the lawfulness of a decision, rather than the merits of the outcome. The team at MKB Law can assist with areas such as:



The holding of public office

Family matters such as special educational provisions for children

Our lawyers can advise and guide you through the processes of the pre-action protocol, the leave application and the substantive hearing itself, availing of specialist Counsel to assist in the preparation and presentation of a case to the High Court.

Where a client is eligible for funding from the Northern Ireland Legal Services Commission (legal aid) we will ensure that the appropriate certificate is applied for at the earliest possible opportunity.


Our experience and expertise allow our team to provide an unrivalled service to all clients.


Our personal understanding ensures our clients are at the forefront of our services.


Our team provides clear legal guidance to complement your business structure.


Our clients span all industries, from technology to agriculture and hospitality to renewables.

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