Property Disputes

Property disputes can pose significant challenges, particularly in the commercial property market. MKB Law specialises in addressing property disputes, offering solutions that comprehend the complexity of property law while also considering the distinctive dynamics of commercial real estate and investment properties.

Types of Property Disputes:

Lease Disputes: Addressing conflicts arising from lease agreements, whether related to terms, rent, or other lease provisions.

Lease Renewals: We guide clients through the complexities of lease renewal disputes, ensuring fair outcomes and protecting your commercial property investments.

Boundary Disputes: Assisting in conflicts arising from disagreements over property boundaries, easements, or encroachments.

Title Disputes: Addressing disputes related to property titles, ownership, or encumbrances affecting property.

Adverse Possession: Guiding clients through disputes where adverse possession is claimed, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the legal principles involved.

Dilapidation Claims: Addressing disputes related to the condition and repair obligations of commercial properties.

Eviction Proceedings: Providing guidance and legal representation in residential and commercial eviction proceedings. 

Reviews and Feedback:

“A results-driven team that puts clients’ needs and appropriate outcomes before all else.”

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“It’s all about their level of commerciality and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both sides.”

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“Commercially-astute, sensitive to a client’s aims whilst at the same time knowledgeable of the legal points in a case.”

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