Family Law: New Year, New Beginnings

25 January 2023
3 minutes
Family & Matrimonial

Director and Head of Family Law at MKB Law, Anne Marie Kelly, recognises that January is a month in which many partners/spouses find themselves questioning the strength of their relationships and marriages, and taking decisions which will have long term consequences for the future. Many new year’s resolutions are based on an honest appraisal of these issues which necessitates a visit to a family law solicitor.

“We at MKB Law experience a significant increase in the volume of matrimonial enquiries in January each year. We endeavour to advise our clients on all options available to them including mediation and counselling if there is a willingness to salvage and repair the relationship. We understand entirely how difficult it is for someone to make an appointment to see a solicitor in the first place. We will assist them in navigating a difficult landscape particularly where there are dependent children. The first advice is often the most important because it sets the tone for how the division of the assets and child care arrangements are approached.

Having spent over 35 years specialising in this area, I recognise the advantages to spouses of making the right decision at an early stage and ensuring that the agreement they reach is one tailored to their individual needs taking into account respective entitlements under legislation and case law. My experience of the law and processes allows me to represent my clients in a way which, in many cases, leads to an agreement based on consent without the need for court intervention. This is the most amicable and cost-effective method of dissolving a marriage which allows both spouses to work collaboratively together in the best interests of their children and to enable them to carve out a good life for themselves in the future.”

The Family Law team also includes two Associate Directors in the overall practice of MKB Law. Aine Toner specialises in family law and has over 8 years of experience in representing clients in divorce, financial relief, residence and contact arrangements, and relocation. She has represented clients in complex cross-jurisdictional financial settlements.

Emma Jamison has recently joined MKB Law from Hughes Fowler Carruthers, a leading matrimonial firm in London. She is dual qualified in England/Wales and Northern Ireland and has a particular interest in high net worth cases, often with an international element. Emma is also experienced in family businesses with an emphasis on how to protect that business where a significant shareholder has to fund a matrimonial settlement.

MKB Law’s Family and Matrimonial department is one of the leading family law practices in Northern Ireland, with the firm recently named as ‘Professional Services Firm of the Year’ for 2022. To discuss any of the issues highlighted above, or to make an appointment with a member of the Family Law team at MKB Law.

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