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The emphasis at MKB Law is always on transparent, prompt and efficient dispute resolution. Early dialogue is encouraged, as are alternative means of finding solutions, in which the client retains control of cost and outcomes at all times. At MKB Law we are also experts in mediation – it is our experience that mediation works more often than not, and is typically the preferred alternative to a court case.

Commercial Disputes

The emphasis at MKB Law is placed on transparent, prompt and prudent dispute resolution. Whether the problem relates to issues such as contract terms; construction, land or property disputes; shareholder disputes; IP infringement; defective products; banking; or debt and insolvency disputes; our Commercial team will assist you in your specific matter.

Where circumstance dictate, litigation will be pursued. Our firm has extensive experience and knowledge of the systems and procedures of the Commercial, Chancery, Queen’s Bench and County Courts.

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Judicial Review

There is an ever increasing tendency for aggrieved individuals to ask the Courts to intervene in the decision making processes of public bodies. Judicial Review will assess the lawfulness of a decision, rather than the merits of the outcome. Judicial Review is a specialism with which we at MKB Law are particularly well-equipped to deal.

Our team can guide you through the processes of the pre-action protocol, the leave application and the substantive hearing itself, availing of specialist Counsel to assist in the preparation and the presentation of a Case to the High Court.

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Mediation is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Parties to a dispute may appoint a neutral mediator who will then attempt to independently facilitate a settlement. This can typically be more cost efficient and user-friendly than a Court case. Our team of lawyers includes trained mediators who can take you through all aspects of this process find out more…

Employment Disputes

We understand that cultivating and managing harmonious employer/employee relations are central to the success of any business. Our Employment Dept are experienced in the procedural and legal requirements of the Industrial & Fair Employment Tribunals Rules of Procedure, and have represented clients at Case Management Discussions, Pre-Hearing Reviews and substantive hearings.

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Disputes Team


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