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Company Restructuring

In our ever-changing economic climate, it is advisable to review your current business structure to ensure that both your business and personal assets are protected. The restructuring process may mean making major changes internally or externally, with the overall view of improving the business operations and achieve financial stability or prosperity.

At MKB Law, our legal experts will advise on all aspects of company restructuring, company planning and group formation. This includes, but is not limited to:

Articles of Association

Group Formation

Creation of Parent or Holding Company

Creation of Subsidiary Companies

Creation of New Classes of Shares

Shareholders’ Agreements

Re-Designation of Share Capital

Sub-Division of Share Capital

Company Own Purchase of Shares


Issue of Company Securities

Capitalisation and Bonus Issues of Shares

Rights Issues

Business Succession Planning/Exit Strategies

Corporate Insolvency

Almost any strategy for addressing potential financial difficulties will utilise some of these strategies.

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